If x=4 then solve the following.....

Marcus scribbled away on a piece of paper that was slowly filling up with numbers. As the court mathematician he had to keep track of the equations that were used to move the City of Algebra from land to land.

Unusually for him, he now had less time to solve another complex equation needed to move the inner wheel of the City because the Queen insisted it be moved immediately.

Marcus groaned as he once again came to a numerical dead end.

The Queen had thrown a fit when he suggested that he might just need a little more time to work it out and he had hurried out of the throne room while making his apologies and promising instantaneous results.

That Queen... he thought shaking his head. She has a terrible temper... I remember that time in the Primaland when she realised Lord Samuel was cheating at cards....

He shuddered at the memory and continued with his scribbling, absent mindedly wondering if Lord Samuel had regained the use of his right arm yet.

Hours passed...

"Aha! I've found it!" he cried jumping to his feet with the paper clutched in his hand and rushing out the door to the 'Room of Mechanical Chaos' in the heart of Algebra.


The city shuddered twice and then vanished from the edges of the Sectiland and reappeared in the Primaland.

Lord Samuel flexed his fingers experimentally and nearly cried with joy. Six years and his arm was finally back to normal!

He looked out the window and saw the glittering rooftops of Algebra appear in the distance.

Naturally his face paled.

"Oh bugger."

The End

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