High Queen Aria: A New Arrival...or Two

I stared vacantly into space as Damien gave council to an old woman who's son was ill. It had been almost five years since an otherworld visitor came to me for guidance, surely The Trickster couldn't be capturing them all? No... I sighed. If only it were that easy. There hadn't been a shift in the void for a long time. People were being more careful with their things.

Then suddenly there was a movement, just a slight ripple on the wind and I heard someone scream in my mind before one of the letter's beside me vanished as it was transported to our new arrival.

"Damien." I stood up.

"Yes your Majesty?" he turned to look at me a little worried.

"We have a visitor to The Attic." I paused and frowned.  "Two in fact. I can sense the void bending again."

He gasped and stood up. "Are you sure your Highness?"

People all around were murmuring and looking at me. They knew that when people from the otherland came there were great stories to be told and parties were thrown sometimes. "One of them is in the Septiland. The other is approaching the Quatriland. I wish them strength and luck in their tasks and hope to meet them soon."

Everyone in the hall bowed and filed out uttering the Matrilani blessing "The Queen's luck be with you travellers." and kissing the low arch as they left.

I sat down hard on my throne and grimaced.

"Are you ok?" Damien asked quietly, not addressing me with a title for the first time in about a hundred years.

"No. I'm worried." I said simply as I stared at the map of The Attic that hung on the wall, a giant tapestry made by my ancestors, Kings of the Matrilani bloodline.

"I think it's time we moved the city Damien."

The End

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