Introducing The High Queen Of The Attic...Aria

I walked to the window and sighed. It was winter in the Attic, you could tell because of the duststorms out on the plain and because of the sweltering heat of the underground radiators.

My court Magician was late as usual and he stumbled into the room pulling his boots on at the same time. "My Queen, Aria." he bowed and I stifled the urge to laugh. "Damien, your shirt is on the wrong way." I commented dryly and he blushed. "I eh... sorry your majesty." he looked around at the servants in the room and I nodded. "Ah yes, you may leave us, we have matters to discuss." they scurried out of the room and both myself and Damien visibly relaxed.

"You can change your shirt now." I grinned and he sighed before pulling it off to reveal his muscular torso. "I just can't seem to wake up in time these days." he groaned as he put his shirt back on, the right way this time. "I don't know what it is. I feel like someone must be spiking my tea before I go to sleep."

I turned from the window and sat down on my throne sideways, slouching down in the chair and putting my legs over one arm while I rested my head on the other and stared up at the vast starry ceiling. I was wearing black shorts and a white t-shirt today and I played with my long black hair as it dangled over the edge of the chair.

"That's because someone is." I yawned and Damien looked up from his buttons with a startled expression on his face. "I beg your pardon?" his mouth hung open in surprise and I laughed lightly. "Oh Damien haven't you guessed? We have a spy in the palace, one of The Trickster's lot is my guess. Someone's been putting Snargle Grass in our tea only the problem is that it doesn't work on me. You're the only one it will work on and that's simply because you used to be human before you came to me. Don't worry, I know who she is. I've ordered the cook to send her up with our tea today. She should be here in about oh, ten minutes I'd say.

"Just enough time for you to change your appearance then your Highness. What will you go for this time? Old Crone? Child?" Damien teased and I slid off my throne and stretched before I wrapped myself in a few strands of magic.

"Damien." I murmured as I slid towards him, my bare feet making no sound across the floor and my form slowly changing. "You can't judge me on what I chose to look like." I danced around him on the air and rested my hand on his shoulder as I lent towards his ear. "After all, I've got to have fun sometime, it's actually quite boring being eternally nineteen." I giggled as he shivered and shut his eyes.

"Stop trying to tempt me with your siren voice." he said through gritted teeth as he drew his sword and dropped to one knee, forming the knight pose. "I serve the High Queen Aria, protector of the seven lands of The Attic. I give my life to protect the Queen. I will not give in to any form of trickery or temptation."

Oh he's good.... 

I let go of the threads for a moment and smiled at him. "You have once again passed your monthly test of loyalty and strength of will." I put a hand on his shoulder gently and smiled. "You must understand why I have to do this?"

He opened his eyes and looked up at me. They shone a radiant blue as the magic wove itself around him and coursed through his blood. "I understand Your Highness. I wish only to serve. I live to protect you."

How noble of him.

My heart twinged as I walked back towards my throne as I thought of the pain he had gone through to be where he is now. He was my only actual friend because the people were too afraid to have any more to do with me then was necessary. It was awfully lonely for the six thousand years before Damien arrived. He made it fun.

Damien had lost his purpose. He came looking for it and found the palace. He asked me to grant him the ability and possibility to be court Magician, and my protector for all eternity. I was lonely but wary. He passed every test and so, I agreed.

I settled into my throne as I began to weave myself a new image. Damien strode purposefully towards the window and stared out at the plain. The wind ruffled his dark hair and for a moment I thought I saw more grey in it then before. But I was of course, mistaken. His chiseled features made all the women coo, his eyes made them swoon and though he was slender, his body was quite muscular and they all spoke of that too.

I grinned as I watched him at the window, one hand by his side and the other resting on the hilt of his sword. I don't know about his eyes making them faint now, but from what I saw earlier anyway, he's in great shape for 2000 years old!

I sat in the chair with my snow white hair above wrinkled features and waited for the poisoned tea to arrive.

The End

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