The Attic Of Lost Things (Collab Version)

The Attic is a collaborative story about searching for something lost in the place where all lost things end up. If you wish to join you can choose to either create a character or enter it as yourself.
Read the author guidance to know more.

Visiting The Attic Of Lost Things is a unique journey that could change your life (or your character's life) forever. This could be good, or bad, depending on how you see things. You can invent anything you like in the world of The Attic. Just please be careful with the rules and tips and don't change anything about anyone's character. It is not about how you interact with others, more how you interact with yourself. Please do not post extremely short chapters and also please put your character's name in the title of your chapter. You may write from whatever perspective you like as long as you chose one tense and stick to it.


  • If you have lost something, it will end up in The Attic. There is no rule to say that what you have lost must be material. You could have lost your sanity for all that the people of The Attic care.
  • There are countless ways to get to The Attic, the portal simply appears when it is needed. You can create a character or enter it yourself as you.
  • If you decide to add a character from a story you have already written, and that character has magical powers of some sort, then let it be known that powers do not work in The Attic.
  • It is not necessary for every character to meet up. In fact, unless you chose to stay in the Attic for eternity, your character need not meet anyone (Excepting the people of The Attic) at all should you not wish it.
  • Nobody knows about The Attic before they go there. One of the inhabitants of the Attic must explain to them where they are and about The High Queen granting one wish.
  • Anything can happen in The Attic so please use your imagination to whatever extent you wish. Anything can become real, even something you draw on paper.
  • It is almost impossible to escape from The Attic without the help of The High Queen Aria or The Queen's Magician Damien.
  • To get to The High Queen you must first complete three tasks and they all involve something you greatly fear. You are given as much time as you wish to complete a task but until it is finished you may not move on to the next part of the attic.
  • The way to the High Queen's palace is not always the same, neither is how she appears to each individual.
  • Beware of False Queens and Snargles (Snargles seek to find what you have lost so that they may obtain the power to control you for all eternity)
  • The Trickster can appear in many shapes and forms. Beware of him, he is extremely crafty but he has a weakness for chocolate, smarties in particular. It might seem amusing now, but it could save your life later.
  • Do not trust the children Evie and Sean. They might appear to be young and helpful but they are older then the Snargles and they are not what they seem. They are the children of The Trickster.
  • One last VERY IMPORTANT thing to remember is that nobody has the same experiences in The Attic and the characters of The Attic do not appear the same to anyone. You must use your own imagination on how they appear.

And now I think you know enough about The Attic, let the rest unfold in your imagination......

The End

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