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Aidan Wolfe

Aidan dropped his baggage next to the bed and sprawled out, planning on a good relaxing sleep for the first time since he accepted this job. He'd arrived weary and ill-tempered after a long flight and simply wanted to sleep. However, he hadn't had that luck until now. Finally, he could -

No. His eyes flew open, he shot upright in the hotel bed, and shot a glare at his phone from across the room. He stood slowly and rose, walking towards the phone and picking it up.

"Hello," Aidan said. He was pretty irritated over his so far endless schedule, and it may be showing, but he didn't really care.

"Hello, Aidan." The voice sounded all business, one of few things Aidan could respect. "I see you've arrived at last... nice hotel choice. Not the best service, but I'm sure you'll find it suitable to your style."

My style? He doesn't know my... Aidan wasn't the type to deny things staring him in the face, and he realized that this person could know everything about him. He could not trust this employer.

"Yes, well, it seemed to be what I was looking for," Aidan said. "Now, what happens next?"

"Right now," the voice of his employer said, "I need you to head for Trafalgar Square. Wait there for further instructions."

"Okay." Aidan snapped the phone shut and prepared his things. He would grab what he needed - a few choice items from his baggage that were just random stuff to anyone but him, as he was sure he could make them all into weapons as deadly as a sniper rifle if needed - and head for the meeting place.

Guess there's no time for rest now...

The End

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