Caydence Nunster

Cayde sighed, wishing the line would hurry up and move. She was restless from all the waiting. Who would've thought that so many people would be flying to London in the middle of the week.

Her brother Cam smiled at her and squeezed her hand.

"It's ok." he whispered. "We'll be there soon."

Cayde gave a small, forced smile. Her brother was the only one in the world that could cheer her up.

They finally arrived at the checkpoint after what felt like hours to Cayde. After the 9 hour plane ride, she was a little restless and ready to get to their hotel.

Hopefully they didn't get the call until tomorrow.

Cam used his charm to get through the checkpoint faster. Cayde alway wondered how her brother was always so upbeat and happy, but she didn't complain much since she wasn't, and they needed some kind of charm to get them places.

That's why she always made sure she was with Cam. If they were ever separated, things would no go well for everyone involved.

Finally, they arrived at the hotel. Cayde breathed a sigh if relief. Throwing her bags to the ground, she plopped into her bed and closed her eyes.

Sweet, blissful sleep…

The phone rang. Cayde almost screamed, she was so frustrated. Smiling, Cam picked up the phone.

"Hello?" he asked. His happy tone sickened her.

"Yeah. Uh-uh. Sure, we'll be there. Thanks!" Cam hung up and set the phone on the desk beside him.

"We have to meet up at Trafalgar Square." he said.

This time, Cayde did scream.

The End

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