The Assassin ParadoxMature

Twelve a.ssassins. One arena. Who will survive?

An assassin wasn’t the word for what these people were.
True that was their job; killing individuals for a price; but professionals
would be a much more fitting term. Ranging from teenagers to the elderly, these
men and women are skilled in their line of work to the point of becoming
infamous around the world. A day can’t go by with one of the names of these
entities slipped into conversation, the news, and even more situations.

 These people do enjoy whatever job they have to do, so
long as the pay is high enough for their preference. Easy or hard, the task is
always completed, the money is quickly transferred, and that’s the last you
ever see of them.

 So when these assassins are promised an incredibly easy
job with a huge million-dollar paycheck, the offer is too good to refuse. The
call is sent out to all of the twelve most deadly assassins. As fast as they
can, these people, from various places and backgrounds, are drawn together.

 Of course, that’s not when the story begins. The story
begins just a little bit prior to the call that would start the deadly chain
reaction of mysterious assassin deaths. Not all of these folks were waiting for
it. Rather, they were just on the job like any other normal day.

 But did they ever realize that just one call could be not
a reward, but instead a death wish?

 These events are now known simply as the Paradox. The
area they were taken to, the assassins, was given this deadly nickname. A
retired nuclear testing facility, this perfectly clean and empty facility that
was previously prepared for bomb firing is now nothing but a battleground. The
Paradox takes you in and never lets you out. What happens inside of it is

 Just once you’re in there, you never come out. Alive, at

The End

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