Hinata:dog, 'hunk' and cissyMature

Hinata cracked her tanned knuckles as she walked down the winding road to the Cullens residence.

Two shapes appeared from the mist.

The wolf boy: Jacob and the 'hunk' Emmet.

'Boo. ' she shouts. they carry on walking.

Hinata pulls out her secret weapon from her back pack.

She throws the tabby cat onto the raod. Jacob head jolts.


He bound after the helpless tabby and disappears into the forest.

Now for the hunk. He was going to be easy.

She pulled out a playboy 2010 calender and tore it in half. Emmet looked at her and the ruined calender. He cried out in anguish and sobbeb over the torn up peices.

Hinata stepped over him and sprinted to the house. She didn't have much time. It's eat of be eaten around here.

'Yuuuuu whoooooo~ im here to come kill Renesemeeeee~!' She called out.

The target appeared in front of her. She smiled.

He was uglier that she thought. All pale and ginger, his stupid golden eyes looked plain and boring. he wasn't a pretty boy. he was downright UGLY.

'Well, hello, ginga' ninja!' she greeted him. 'I'm gonna rip your balls off when I'm done with you, then I'm going to sprinkle cat shit on your grave.. hell! I'll shit on it myself!'

'Hm. I'm terrible sorry. But I have no intention of being killed by the likes of you.' he said in a snobby accent.

'Hm. Your mean~' she wailed, fake tears poured down her cheeks.

Edward hesitated, then walked over looking guilty.

Hinata whipped out her pepper-onion-spary and squirted it up the bastards nose.

She then kneed him in the stomach.

'THIS is for brainwashing teenagers everywhere' she yelled as she punched him, 'THIS is for being so sodding ritch!' she kicked him where it hurts, 'and THIS is for being alive for 100 years and not looking old!'

She then got out her permenant marker and drew a hitler mustache on his upper lip.

'I'm gonna get you next time!' she grinned, looking at the crumpled ugly mess on the floor, 'this was just a trial. now i know the cissy im up against!!! cya~!"


The End

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