The Assasination of Edward CullenMature

haha. thought id make a random peice about twilight cause i dont likeit. add forever and ever.

Assasins to choose from:

Assasin one: Lili, male,  Hardcore metal head. has a pet pig which wears a bandana

Assasin two: Rose, Female, girly, airhead, pitcher.

Assasin three: Rachel, female, scary appearence, athleate, skilled in judo, aikedo, nin-jutsu and karate.

Assasin four: Kiba, male, thinks himself a 'hit man', wears red, has a pet pug which weras a tiara.

Assasin Five: James, waitor by day- assasin by night, likes the ladies, blonde, hottie, arrogant.

Assasin Six: Hinata, femal, strong, doesn't hold back, rude, boistous, loud, good fighter, has a pet duck called Frigg.



assasinate Mr. Edward Cullen by this Christmas.


The End

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