American politics

We are a people with problems greater than any one mind can overcome. There is
greed, poverty, crime rampant throughout this misled nation. We are a people
blinded by our own representatives; a people bore from corruption. But the son
of corruption shed light on rebellion. We must rebel against our own nation, in
order to save not only ourselves, but our children and theirs, our neighbors and
our friends. We are a people of millions in proportion. Yet why is it that we
see merely our own lives as the nation, our family and friends the world. We are
a people, and We are the problem. It's time to stop running from the inevitable;
fight this debt or drown in our self pity. None of us control ourselves, much as
we think. We give benefits - free benefits- to those we are indebted to, causing
us to flow deeper down the waterfall. If this continues, we, the people, will
not be joined together much longer. I am more than trusting that our allies, our
great friends and neighbors, would be energetic to help us in our pursuit. Great
problems call for even greater bonds- bonds we have formed with our allies for
one hundred years, many much longer than that. We must become a people of
freedom, of strength and of moral, we must build strong our fortitude and our
drive. We are a people joined by God's great freedom, and under that flag I
stand. I challenge you to do the same, my fellow Americans.

The End

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