Screwing up

Imagine a world full of dreams; dreams that never die, ones that push the dreamer to the limit. More commonly stated where fantasy becomes a reality. Sadly, only a few of us have the ability to create that world, and doesn’t always turn out how we plan. Suzy wanted to go to college to be an artist, but due to narcotics abuse, now lives in a hospital. Jamie always wanted to be that rocket scientist, and scholarships were thrown at her every which way. Until that one romantic night of her life where Darrel the football star finally took notice of her, and two-face turned its head upon her in the form of everything she ever knew. She works at the sonic down the street. The point is not to comment on failure, but to exemplify that people lose sight of their goals due to short term turnarounds. Having been drilled since childhood on the matters of college and paying for it on my own, I regret that academics just didn’t suit me as well as I had tried. I blame myself, but it does not mean by any stretch of mind that I must give up.

The End

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