The Art Of Technology

Why did we strive to achieve what would merely be
called a crutch. Are we yet crippled to our mobile
devices, slung in bandaged arm for a laptop? Then
again, we have lived millennia in the time before tech,
so why use it now? The answer is found in a commonly
occurring device. The calculator has made unbearable
strides in all fields, and as long as that unappealing
manual is handy lets face it, what can’t our calculators
do now, less than surf the web? When I was a child, the
mere thought of even meeting someone online through
games dumbfounded me; the mere utterance of the
Xbox was a century away; the iPhone, several more of
those. Yet not a day goes by in which I do not find a ten
year old unequipped with a cellular device. Do I
approve of the technology being placed in the hands of
a toddler? Any older brother of a child with precious
photos on their phone or iPod will agree with me in
saying that children should not be accessible to calling
Cousin Louie in Zimbabwe. Are we using a crutch,
though, to call him ourselves? I say naught, this
technology shall only bond the human race closer to the
earth, and closer to each other. Strangers in New York
may even be able to say a hello, bodybuilder shake
hands with a computer whiz. We all need technology in
our physics, mathematics, and most definitely
architecture or spreading information. I, as an aspiring
architect, devote my life to learning of myself
this “Crutch” in an attempt to better a person’s life. But
let us never forget what beautifully deluded history that
brought us here in the first place. After all, who knew
dropping out of Harvard University to “pursue a little
interest” revolutionized the computer, and from there,
my homework. And so I thank the men and women
before us and the ones to come, for making our
complicated lives easier, one gigabyte ate a time.

The End

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