Aradessa :rabbitsMature

I woke up reluctantly from the dream, recapping my time with Aarron, the dance, the talk and the ride home. I sighed wistfully and skipped into the kitchen to get breakfast, I was just about to pour my cereal when I smelt something awful, I folllowed the scent to the door frame. I couldn't see where the peculiar scent was coming from so I turned to go, but just as I was about to take a step foward something dripped on my shoulder, blood. I looked up to see 3 dead rabbits hung by their feet. I couldn't move, couldn't talk, so when others came to join me, they hardly registered.

Breath , don't think about it, just breath.

Shane stood across from us, looking horror struck. "Shane, what on earth did you do last night?" I choked out, sounding half stragled.

The End

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