Meg: Morning!Mature

I open my eyes to bright sunlight. I roll over, fall out of bed an land in a low crouch. Looking at the rough carpet, I'm glad that I have a good sense of balance. I get up and notice that I'm still in the clothes I wore for the party. Strange, I don't remember Matt leaving... or falling asleep. I guess he went home. I have a shower and change into a whit knee-length skirt and lilac t-shirt. I drag a brush through my hair and after eventually getting all the knots out I shove my bandanna into it. A hear a groan as I'm slipping my pumps on. Tala rolls over and Shirley opens her eyes slowly.

"Morning!" I say brightly.

"Meg!" they both moan.

"How come you're up so early?" Shirley asks sleepily.

"You should know, the early bird catches the worm! I'm going to get the best of the breakfast"

"Worms are disgusting" Shirley flops back onto her bed.

"I'll catch you up in... about half an hour" Tala yawns widely. I laugh and make my way down to the breakfast room.

The End

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