Aradessa : SteedMature

I rolled my eyes and got on after him, no helmet required. "Hold on tight, she's pretty fast" Aarron started the bike and I wrapped my arms around his waist, shocked by the sudden jult.

We flew down the streets, the wind blowing through our hair without a care in the world. When we stop outside the hotel the buzz is beginning to fade and I feel my face drop, knowing my night is nearly at an end.

Aarron smiled "Whats that face for?"

"I guesse I'm just tired"

He laughed, loud and clear. "Right" He stoked my cheek "Can I see you again?"

I smiled "I'd love that" I blurt out, not thinking about the consequences.

"See you soon m'lady" he bowed and kissed my hand, making myheart skip a beat then drove off into the night.

I skipped up the stairs and collapsed on a chair, content.

The End

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