Aradessa : StunnedMature

Aarron seemed to go back to being all mysterious and aggitated as soon as we were back in the middle of the noise. Almost everyone I knew was out of sight, it's gone 2:45am! "I should go, it's late" Aarron nodded and took my hand.

Once we were outside he relaxed, must be a guy thing I told myself.  We stood completely still in the darkness, silent. Aarron seemed at ease, our hands swung freely, but he seemed like he was making an important decision. "Aarron, whats wr-"

Aarron turned around and pressed his lips to mine, my heart raced and I was hyper aware that his hands held mine. When he broke away I stood, too stunned to speak.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to..."

"It's okay" I blushed, looking at the ground.

"Lets get you home...where do you live?"

"The hotel, by the coast"

Aarron lead me over to a shiny, black, motor bike. "Your steed m'lady"

The End

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