Minx: RoyaltyMature

I slip out from between Max's arms and chest trying to not disturb him.

He moans and I freeze but he doesn't wake up. So I go over to the wardrobe. I pull out my charm and look at it smiling.

Maybe I should go home mother wouldn't approve this never mind father. Uh, Brother would call me an idiot.

Okay, I'll explain. I'm treated like an equal by the people I know. Everyone at the school knows who I am and knows I don't want special treatment so I don't get any.

I'm the Princess of Olliverna. Uh, sounds so cheesy. I'm not the air that's my brothers title.

He deals with all political matters. While I get to live a life of a normal teen on Olliverna.

Ha, I remember a day when a new kid found out who I am.

"Your What???"

"The Prrincess"

"But... but how can you lot act so calm?"

"We knew ages ago"


It was hilarious seeing the look of shock on the kids face. Then how calm everyone in the class had acted.

It's a different story though when I'm at home. Even my friends have to treat me like royalty in the presense of my mother and father.

It's annoying. No one should recieve special treatment just cause of there birth.

The End

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