Meg: FriendsMature

I can't find Shirley and Tala so I grab a packet of crisps and wait for Matt to come back. I swear the music keeps getting louder. Never mind hearing a in drop, you probably wouldn't hear it if an anchor dropped in here. And each song has been played at least twice. I look at my watch, it's half past two in the morning. Matt left at 12, promising he'd be back. But I really can't be bothered to wait so I decide to look for him. I go into the entrance hall of the hotel where you can still hear the music really loudly. I don't know how the woman at the reception copes. I spin around and nearly crash into someone.

"Ahh! I'm so sorry!"

"Meg?" phew, It's Matt. "Meg, can we please go somewhere quieter?"

"Yeah, sure. Let's go up to my room" I lead him upstairs where the music is just a quiet background sound. I sit on my bed and he sits next to me.

"Meg, I..." I realize what he's about to say. But I stay silent "Meg. Listen. I'm sorry I took so long, it was because I was thinking about this. I mean, we've only known each other a few hours. Not even a day. I... I just think that maybe it's a bit too soon." he says.

"No, Matt! That kiss, it was nothing! Just a friendship thing! It didn't mean anything! I was a bit hyper, I wasn't thinking. Sorry" I gush.

"Oh. Oh God. Sorry, I got the wrong impression completely! I really need to get to know you better" he says. 

"It's - it's OK." I look down and my hair falls over my face. He moves it back. "We can still be friends"

"Friends" I agree.

The End

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