Aradessa : HideoutMature

Max seems nice, at least he makes her happy.

The music continued but I broke away and walked to the sidelines, my head was spinning like crazy. "Had enough of dancing?"

"It's getting pretty crowded" I held onto the table for support.

"Are you okay? Do you want to step outside?"

"Sounds good"

Aarron took my hand and lead me out the doors toward the small garden emporium and when he pulls me oward a curtain of green plastic I stop. "Relax, it's my little hideout. A great place to get away from everything" I smile and take his hand as we enter a small place lit with fairy lights and a small table with two chairs are in the middle, surrounded by potted plants.

"So, are you knew to england?"

"Yeah, it's my first day actually"

"Who did you come with?"


"Thats pretty cool"

The silence streched on, awkwardly. "Who do you live with?"


"Alone? But . . ."

"Lets not dwell on that. You feel ok?"

"Yeah" I just wish I knew what he was thinking. "I guesse the music was giving me a headache"

"I know what you mean, sensitive ears are a pain aren't they" He smiled. Wait... is it me or were those...nah, it must just be a part of his costume.

"How right you are" I laughed.

Aarron stepped foward and brushed back my hair. "I should go find my friends" I whispered.

"I'll take you back, to make sure you dont feint" He smiled.

"How chivalrous"

"What can I say? I'm a sucker for a damsel in distress" he laughed and took me back toward the room full of music and pulsing lights.

The End

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