Shirley : Party!Mature

Letting my wings out in my room, I move them about a bit. It feels so nice to have them free again, instead of trapping them in a horrible bag. I have and urge to fly, but that'll have to wait. My clothes are specially made so I can fit my wings in. I find a dress that comes up to above my knees. It is made of what seems like feathers, and looks sort of natural, might as well fit the bird theme though, right? Usually, my hair is tied so it only comes down to my shoulders, but this time, I decide to let it down, and tie it in a ponytail tightly near the top of my head.

I go downstairs to meet the others then walk to the Rando Hotel hall.

The music blasts in the dark atmosphere as the hall fills in with people all dressed up nicely. I wave off to my friends who take off to dance, then realise that I am sort of a loner.

I don't have a dance partner, I probably don't look that great to have anyone ask me to dance, and well, I am just rubbish at dancing anyway. My memory hops back to the bird shop at the mall with the handsome boy. Pushing it away fiercely, my feet takes me to the refreshments table, where I grab a cup of water and finish it in one gulp.

"Wow, you look pretty thirsty." A voice from behind me.

A voice, the exact same one from the bird shop. The boy. My head turns into mush.

I turn around slowly and smile nervously. "Hi."

"Hey, it's you! The girl who bought my robin." My cheeks start to burn and my eyes drop to the ground. "You look great. I'm Karl by the way."

"I'm Shirley." I say a bit louder, trying to drown out all the music and talking.

"Come and dance?" 

"Well, I don't really dance. I'm not much of a dancer...."

"Come on! I'm sure you're great at dancing!" His hands takes mine, then he pulls me away onto the dancefloor.

The End

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