The tango music came on, and my heart lifted. Out of all dances, the tango is my favourite. Dan is a good dancer, we soon had the attention of most of the room. The twisting and the tension between us was electric...soon there was a circle around us. Dan lifted me and swirled me round, then I twisted to floor and threw my arms up as the music ended.

The circle of people errupted in applause. Dan helped me up, and we bowed. I saw Shirley across the room waving, then felt Dan at the side of me wave back. 

"See ya later ok?" he said

"Yeah, sure." I nodded, and watched him go off to her. 

Looks like my guys already taken. Oh well, plenty of others here. And for once I feel in the mood to just let everyone be happy. Who knows, I might meet someone who likes me back. Someone tapped me on my shoulder.

"Hey, you're a really good dancer."

The End

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