Minx: Be carefulMature

The tango was fun but then proper disco music comes on.

"Oh my god, I love this song" I pull Max back onto the dance floor and he moans slightly but doesn't protest.

Its Tick Tock by Kesha. The beat is fun.

"Excuse me" Snap says. "May I have Minx for a minute?"

"Sure" Max says. "I'll go and have a rest"

He moves off and I begin to dance with Snap.

"You need to be careful" he whispers.

"Why? I'm not breaking any rules" I say sternly.

I know where this is going. You cant tell him anything Minx. Snap's thought is urgent.

"I know" I sigh unhappily.

"You cant say anything unless he works it out....... if he does you know what happens"

He would have to live on Olliverna. Would he want that?

Would he want to leave his family behind?

I haven't asked him about his family, I should find out more about him. I hardly know him. Make him think off family and then I'll know more.

No, thats rude. Get him to trust you tell you.

"I'm trying to be careful Snap" I mutter. And I am. I'm trying bloody hard but.... every single time I'm around him sense doesn't make sense any more.

"I know you are" he says smiling. "Strange how protective I am of you"

He raises an eyebrow and I laugh.

"Sort of a brother, sister friendship" I say. He nods then looks up over my shoulder.

"You better go and help him though" I turn to see him arguing with Mia. Who quite obviously is forcing herself into his arms.

I nod at Snap then run off to help him.

"Heya" I say walking up.

"Minx" Max says looking at me. Hurt is clear in his eyes.

"Hi, I'm Minx" I say turning to Mia and offering my hand.

She glares at me then..... slaps me.

"Whore" she hisses. "You've stole him from me"

I feel anger course through my veins and I know every animal child or person here can feel it.

My teeth sharpen stronger and I have the undeniable urge to rip Mia's head off.

Talk about anger. Insted I just look at her and hear every animal child suck in a breath.

"Nice to meet you" She looks at me bewildered as does Max.

But she wanted me to become angry wanted me to cause a scene and thats not what I'll do.

"I'm going back to the hotel" I say to Max then head off out the house.

When the open air hits my face I can't hold the tears back they flow freely down my face.

I make it to the gate before I hear Max's voice.

"Minx" He runs up and begins walking at my side. "I'm sorry ab-"

He stops when he see's my tearstained face and pulls me into his arms holding me tight.

"I'm so sorry" he whispers into my hair.

"It's-It's okay" I stutter through my tears.

"No, it's not" he tilts my chin up. "She should have known better and It's my fault you got involved"

We just look at each other then. Then slowly, ever so carefully, he kisses my forhead.

"Let's get you back to the hotel you look tired" he says. He takes off his soccerer clock and wraps its round me, also leaving his arm to rest round my shoulder.

The End

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