Aradessa: let the party beginMature

As I walked in I noticed Shane dancing with a boy about her age "How sweet" I smile in their direction and look away. Louis was quiet all the way here but he looks like a proper porcupine now. "Louis why dont you go ask someone to dance? I'm going to look around"


I ended up hanging by the wall. The dancers were all so...graceful, it was amazing.

"Would you like to dance?" I turned my head to see a boy a little older than I was half bowing with his hand extended. He had jet black hair that was combed back and he was wearing something old amazing suit of black armour. It almost looked real.

"Um...sure" I smiled and took his hand. He lead the way into a waltz, spinning and twirling in time with the music.

"My names Aarron by the way" he whispered mid-spin

"Aradessa" Wow, dizzyness.

The dancing continued like that for a while and then the waltz ended. My eyes scanned the room for my friends, I picked out each one, all enjoying the party.

The music started again...a tango. I cringed. Aarron extended his hand and pulled me onto thedance floor once again. How could this guy tango so well? Isaw Shane dancing on the other side of the room, I have to say she looks amazing.

The End

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