I walked in to the party just as the birthday girl walked down the steps. Beside her where two boys. The eldest one was very handsome; I smiled. By the end of tonight I would definately have to make his aquaintance. I looked at myself in a mirror to the side. My sexy backless black dress with the V down to my stomach at the front was definately catching some eyes. I just hoped my eyes weren't also going to be under too much scrutinisation. And the sharp inscisors I had were not fake, they were my snake teeth growing. Tonight though they would look like vampire teeth.

I took a drink fom a tray and went to stand at the side of the stairs. The trio reached the bottom, and each boy kissed the hand of the girl. Then she curtsied.

"Let the party commence" she said. The music loudened, and the guests started partying. I walked slowly towards the older boy. He noticed me before I reached him and stared at my outfit.



"I'm Shane."


"You wanna dance...Dan?"

The End

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