Minx: WowMature

"Wow" I whisper looking around at the party.

Disco lights, proper dance floor, a buffet, I mean I don't think there's anything missing.

The decerations are amazing and the selection of food and drink endless.

"Amazing"  the others whisper.

"Yeah, these parties are well known" Matt says.

"I went to last years as well, the brothers 17th" Max says.

"Cool" I say smiling.

"Come on" Max says taking my hand. He leads me through the crowd.

We end up in some sort of games room.

"Amazing" I whisper.

"Can you bowl?" he says pointing at a bowling alley.

"You kiding of corse" I say. Although this time it will be harder cause I can't use my powers.

"Lets go" I say determined.

He chuckles lightly and we go over to the alley.

I pick up a ball and consentrate on the pins. Then, swinging it back, I bowl it down the alley.

"Yes!" i shout jumping when all the pins fall over.

"Strike wow" Max says coming up behind me. I turn and smile at him.

Then the smile falls from my face as I see the girl Mia from the park waltsing through the crowd.

Max looks back then curse.

"Come on" He says grabbing my hand and pulling me through the crowd.

"Where we going?" I ask stepping quickly and lightly.

"Hiding" he says pulling us into a cupboard then closing the door.

"Why.... why does she follow you?" I ask. My voice is uneven and my heart racing at the closeness of his body.

"We use to date I...... I dumped her pretty bad but.... we just weren't working" he mutters.

"What happened?" I ask becoming intrigued this was an everyday coincidence in the human world.

"Well, I just didn't love her. She was the one who asked me out so..... I thought we could give it a try. It was going was going well until her birthday" His cheeks go red.

"Oh" I said seeing the thoughts in his mind and mentally realising it.

She had made her move but he didn't want it. He had forced her away told her he couldn't, told her he didn't feel it was the right time.

And she had been angry and shouted 'why? whats wrong?'

Then the truth came out. He didn't want to do it...... with her.

She was hurt but more than that was the fact she persisted tried to convice him, he did love her.

So he left.

"I'm sorry" I mutter.

"Why? You didn't do anything wrong" He sighs. "Sometimes I wish I could take it all back"

Then I do the only thing I could think of doing. I stepped forward and wrapped my arms around him.

It wasn't that much of a change for how close we were before cause of the space but I feel like the heat rises.

He holds me back and tilts up my chin leaning down to kiss me.

His lips meet mine and I feel my tail flick. Its a short kiss, just a small caring one.

"I shouldn't have done that" He mutters looking away. "Its not fair on you.... I'm taking advantage in my sadness"

I shake my head and lean up on my tip toes to kiss him lightly again.

"You don't have to feel bad" I whisper. "We should get back to the party"

I say pulling away and opening the door to walk out.

A smile is plain on my face and I neaten down my outfit. Luckily no one's in the hall where I step out which is confusing.

Then I hear cheers from the main room.

"Birthday girl must be coming down" he mutters.

"Lets go" I say smiling at him the taking his hand to lead him cause at the moment he seems quite confused.

My attitude is what confuses him. He thought I would of been angry that he kissed me on the first day we met.

I'm the exact opposite I'm bloody estactic.

We enter the main room at the edge just to see a girl in an old victorian dress walking into the hall.

A princess outfit.... late 1870's I think. The girl looks so happy and at her side are two boys.

One her age and one slightly older.

The brother maybe? I wonder what gonna happen.

The End

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