I change into my dark purple skirt with the hole for my tail and slide on my black top. After pulling on tights and shiny black shoes I set to work on accessories and make-up. I re-apply my lip gloss and tie a thin ribbon just below each ear, the bangles and necklaces are the easiest bit. last jean jacket! I look in the mirror "I swear, I look like an anime character" I shake my head and stride down to Louis's room.

Louis's door is open so I go in. "Ah" I take one look around the room and close the door behind me as my laughter begins. I knew it! Miss always had a thing for him! I knew it! I'd caught her sneaking around with him before! "Um, Louis, c'mon we'd better go. We'll get the mask on the way there" Louis comes out the door, cheeks burning red.

The End

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