Meg: CostumesMature

Minx looks absolutely b-e-a-utiful. Why can't I look like that? I mean, not that I'd want to wear a really long flowy dress anyway, but still. I'll never look like that. I've got Matt to dress up as a pirate. I'm being a bit dangerous by wearing a really short brown miniskirt and a pink strappy top. I'm not wearing a hat so you can just see the tips of my ears but that'll pass off as part of my costume, like my tail. 

"How do I look?" I say, twirling around to everyone.

"Wonderful!" Shirley giggles.

"Amazing!" Tala agrees. Matt then comes in through the hotel doors in his costume.  grin.

"Hi Matt! What do you think?" I twirl around again. Matt pretends to think.

"You look really cute" he says after a few seconds. I blush and change the subject.

"Come on guys we need to go!" I say loudly so that Minx and her friend Max can hear. They come over.

"Who's this then?" Minx asks, gesturing at Matt.

"Oh yeah! Everyone, this is Matt. Matt, this is Shirley, Minx, Tala, Snap, and Max who I only met a few minutes ago" I announce.

"Yeah, I know Matt" Max says. 

"You do?" Me and Minx say together.

"Yep. We go to the same school" Matt explains.

"Oh" I look at my watch. "OK, now we really do have to go. It starts it ten minutes" and we all set off to the party. 

The End

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