Minx: SewingMature

I love sewing.

I don't know why. I mean its not like foxes do it. Anyway I'm very good at it.

I stitch the outfit up then twirl round looking in the mirror. Gems stitch on to the soft white fabric of the dress.

I laugh slightly. Its sort of a bell skit that stops at the knees. Then the top is a long sleeve shirt but the sleeves are flowing veil fabric and are looser closer they get to the wrist.

I smile. Accesories a entiwined flower styled metal choker. Head band with flowers made out of gems.

Then below then tights and below the knee white boots.

"Tah-Dah" I say jumping into the hallway where  Snaps is waiting.

He blinks then looks nervous hand going up to scratch the back of his.

"Wow, you look....." he trails off.

"Look?" I say calmly waiting.

"Stunning" He says smiling.

"Let's go. We're meeting Shirley, Tala and Meg in the reception area" I say skipping to the door.

"What about Max?

"Not sure. We'll probably see him at the party" I say shrugging.

"You really made that?" He whispers.

"Of course... well the dress anyway" I say smiling up at him.

We reach the reception area and I stop suddenly seeing Shirley introducing Max.

Then he looks up and sees me breaking away to walk across to me.

"You look....... Beautiful" he whispers the last word.

Snap walks off to Shirley and the others. I see there amazement at my costume.

"Cool ears" he says reaching out to touch them but I move back. "Oh, sorry"

"No, it's okay..... there just delicate" I say smiling. Actually it the fact that there warmth would reveal that they are real...... Also I don't like people touching them anyway it makes me feel like a pet.

"I like your outfit" I say gesturing the sorccerer style outfit.

"You picked it" he says smiling and I feel warmth around my heart.

"Come on guys we need to go" Meg shouts.

"Coming" I shout over. Then looking at Max I take his hand and pull him back over to the group.

The End

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