Meg: Party?Mature

The gym was amazing. There was all this stuff that you could do! I loved it! I look at my watch as we come out. It's 2pm.

"Wow. I have never seen anyone so good at gymnastics in my life" Matt says, utterly amazed.

"Hehe. I'm a natural arent' I?" I say, twirling around. Matt smiles. "Oh, I have to go. My teacher'll probably be wandering where I am."

"Oh, OK. Can I come and see where you're staying?" He asks.

"Yes!" I say and pull him along to the hotel. I take him up to my room. "This is where me, Tila and Shirley are staying" then there's 3 quick taps on the door and a note comes under. I pick it up.

Come in your best fancy dress!

Yay! A party! I love parties!

"Come on" I say to Matt "We need to go to the mall now so we can get a constume" I know I don't need a costume, but Matt does. He doesn't know he's coming yet. He will soon. I'm planning to wear lots of red things to match my hair. This will be so fun!

The End

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