Minx: Fun!Mature

"That was soooo fun" I say twirling.

"Your outfit will be amazing once you finish with it" Shirley says nodding.

"You're really going to accessorise it" Max says smiling and raising an eyebrow.

"Of course..... Oh, we should tell the others" I say.

"Mall rush would be funny to watch" Shirley says laughing.

I nod and smile.

"How long have you had to deal with this?" Max asks Snap.

"Not long luckily. We met on the way here on the uh, coach" he says remembering at the last second.

"Hm, you seem close to have only met resently" Max notes.

"Say the same the way she trust you. She's a trusting easy likable person" Snap says.

"Thanks, Snap's" I call back.

"You're welcome" he shouts.

Then me and Shirley begin dicussing how to cause the mall rush.

"Notes under the doors and handouts..... we could get woodpecker dude to make them" she whispers the last part so only I hear and maybe Snap slightly.

"That's a fabulous Idea. All of us are sort of tricksters at heart its hilarious. Especially with so many of us in town" I whisper.

"Yeah" Shirley laughs. "Ah here we are. I'll fetch get Woody and Dash to pass out the news" she runs off into the hotel.

"I'm getting shut eye" Snaps mutters walking off. I throw him the keys which he catches.

I turn to Max and smile.

"Today was amasing thank you" I lean in kiss his cheek then run after Snap's leaving Max bewildered.

"Getting too close" he warns when I catch up.

The End

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