Aradessa: wooh!Mature

Shane and I ran fir our was exhilarating. But now it was getting boring....

"Okay" I turned and faced the boys "To be honest I'm getting really bored of this"

Shane shrugged, I took that as her agreement "Look guys we've been by-passing you for what? an hour now and sure, it was fun. But face it, you got rejected." I smiled lightly.

The eldest boy stepped foward again, I could still see the glowing red mark on his face from when I used him as a spring board. "What? Your gonna hit me again? In front of all these witnesses?" I noticed several people stop and watch with worried looks on their faces. "I can make his look very bad for you"

"Just try it" the boy clenched his fists.

I made my eyes go wide and pleading. My knees trembled as dip my bottom lip. "P-Please don't hit me" I stammered letting a few stray tears fall down my cheeks "I d-didn't mean to do anything wrong. I-I" Tears flowed freely down my cheeks.

An older man came over to us followed by many others "We got a problem boys?"

The boys scowled in my direction and ran off "You girls okay?"

The End

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