Minx: PartyMature

"Wow" I whisper looking at the poster. I turn to Snap whose weraing new clothes.

Tight jeans and a buttons top the long sleeves folded up to his elbows.

"We have to go" I say certainly.

"We have to?" he says raising an eyebrow.

"We have to" Shirley says walking up to us. "We wouldn't have to wear are disguises"

"Really? You sure the teachers would let us" I say turning to her.

"I hope so this bags annoying" she says moving her bag. Two birds suddenly appear and old and a young one.

They swirl around her tweeting then fly off.

"What was that about?" I ask.

"Freed the robin that was his daughter who he had left sick when he was caught" she explains.

"He was very gratefully, his mind was springing with happiness" I say smiling.

"Oh yeah you read minds" she says nodding.

"Yeah huh...... lets find party clothes" I say.

She smiles nodding then we turn on Snap.

"Oh you've got to be kidding me" He moans.

"Nope" we say at the same time then laugh.

"Come on" I say kindly. He moans but follows I see Max across the road.

"Max" I shout waving. He turns smiles and walk over.

"Heya" he says.

"Is this him?" Snap whispers in my ear.

"Yep, Max this is Snaps and Shirley. You two this is Max" I say introducing them.

"Nice to meet you. Where you heading?" he asks.

"Mall, we're gonna go to that party" I say pointing at the poster.

"Really? Cool, mind if I come with you? I haven't got my costume" He asks.

"Sure, lets go guys" I say walking ahead with Shirley.

The End

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