Meg: GreggsMature

I follow Matthew to a shop called 'GREGGS' the slogan underneath is 'Bake my day'. I smile. 'Greggs', coincidence. 

"Ahh. Well, it's not exactly a cafe... it's a bakers" Matthew says

"No! That's fine! As long I can get something to eat. Thanks Matthew!" I say greatfully

"Oh, OK. Please call me Matt"

"OK, Matt. What can you buy here?" I probably sound really stupid but, oh well.

"Stuff like cakes. Just baked stuff. You're not from England are you?""

"No" I say. He follows me into the shop. I buy a cheese and onion pasty, so does he. It tastes delicious. I finish it really quickly. Matt laughs as he finishes his.

"So, since you don't know about the stuff here. In my opinion, the gym is the best place here"

"Gym? I love gyms! Can we go there?" I ask. Matt grins.

"Sure, I'll show you the way" he takes my hand a leads me into a different part of town.

The End

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