Shirley : BirdsMature

I step into a bird shop, and see bird cages everywhere. How could they capture a bird like that and just take away its freedom? They are all tweeting, but it's full of sadness. Moving over to one of the birds, I talk to it quietly, pretending I am just looking at it. The robin flies back a little when he sees I talk Bird, but he eventually talks to me.

"My daughter is sick, I need to get back to her before its too late," he tweets. Then I make up my mind. I lift him off the peg he was hanging on, and take him to the counter. That's before noticing a post-it note attached to it saying "Reserved, will be collected at 2:30pm, THURS."

I groan, what bad luck. Checking my watch, I see that it is Thursday, and the time is 2:35. Yes! Maybe I could get it after all.

"Excuse me! No one has collected this bird, may I buy it?" I try to hide my impatience as I question the lady at the counter.

"No. Bird stays for another day."

"But no one-"


I curse to myself. Then the door of the shop jingles and a teenager comes in. His beautiful eyes sweep through the shop, and I feel my heart racing a little. His hair is ruffled but well kept and his tall structure stands high. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. 

In. He's a human. Out. I could still see his face in my mind, so I take another one. In. He's a human. Out. In. He's a-

"Um... excuse me? You're uh... sorta holding my bird." My shoot open immediately, he's grinning at me, looking all handsome.

"Oh gosh, I'm so sorry! Here, sorry!" I mumble, handing him the cage and hearing the robin plead at me. Then I take it back. "I'm so sorry. Can I buy this bird off you?"

Silence. Awkward.

"I suppose you can. I'll have to find another one though, my little sister's birthday party is tonight. Why this robin?" I blush when he looks me in the eye with a hint of humour.

"I...uh... I feel a connection. You know. A birdy connection. Um... yeah. I think. There's a connection between us. Birdy...."

"Okay, well, it was nice meeting you, person with a connection with a robin."

"Thank you so much!" I rush over to the counter and pay for the robin, and the robin sings a lovely song for me as I leave the shop. Outside, I catch the human's eye through the glass window and he smiles. Turning away quickly, I spot a poster on a wall.

Rando Hotel invites you a Fancy Dress party on Friday 16th of May. Everyone is welcome. Refreshments are available.

Then I overhear a few girls looking at the poster, "Last year's was great, it'll probably be just as good this year. We should start looking for costumes now!"

As far as I know, none of the students from Olliverna would need to dress up!

The End

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