Meg: Prank ShopMature

We split up when we get out.  Tila goes off to the left to find something and Shirley says she wants to find an information centre so she can see what kind of birds there are in England. I close my eyes and turn around 3 times. I open my eyes facing a shop called 'Palace of Pranks'. Ha! I wander if Aradessa knows about thins shop... I walk in and there's a 'ding!' as I open the door.  And Oh. My. Gosh. This place is full of the  best pranks ever. Hmm... I go up to the counter.

"Umm... what are some of your best pranks?" I ask. The old man behind the desk raises one eyebrow at me. I look down., well I look completely normal. I look like any of the humans here. "What?"

"Well, we don't normally get people as young as you in here. This is a world class prank shop" he said clearly as if I wouldn't understand him.

"Don't you? Well I'm here and I'm asking you a question so please answer it"

"No can do missy. First you need to prove that you're good enough to even be in here"

"Ahh. How silly of me, of coarse. Hi, I'm Megan, please call me Meg. Nice to meet you Mr..." I hold out my hand for him to shake. He stands up.

"Greg. Call me Greg. I just need to check you aren't gonna shock me or anything" He flips my hand over and inspects my palm. He seems satisfied enough.

"Well?"I say impatiently. He shakes my hand. His whole body goes rigid for a few seconds then he lets go and shakes his arm.

"Wow. I'm sorry for ever doubting you Meg. May I ask how you did that?" Greg looks amazed.

"Fingertips" I say, wiggling my fingers to show that little shock buttons on the tips. Greg grins.

"Well Meg. I see your worthy of being in here. All my best pranks are in that isle there" he points. I thank him and go over. God, nobody should get on my bad side with the stuff I can buy in here. I see just what I need on the top shelf. The top shelf which I can't reach. I jump but I still can't get high enough. Damn. And that would've been a really good prank to play on Dessa too.

"Excuse me, can I help you?" a guy that's about a head taller than me asks. He's really cute. Wow. I've never found anyone cute before.

"Oh, yes please" I say. The boy smiles and gets that prank from the shelf. 

"Now, may I ask what a innocent little girl like you would want with something like this?" he says.

"Ahh. People think I'm innocent. I'm actually not. I'm Meg, what's your name?" I hold out the hand that doesn't shock people.

"Haha. I'm Matthew. Nice to meet you Meg" he shakes my hand and I smile. I pay for the prank and go out of the shop. Matthew follows. "So, Meg. How old are you?"

"I'm 15. You?"

"16. I must say, Greg doesn't normally let people under my age go in"

"He doesn't know how old I am" I say. I sigh when I realize that I haven't got anything else to do. "Hey, I don't really know my way around here. Do you mind showing me where the nearest cafe is?" I ask.

"Yeah, sure, come with me" He sets off and I follow him feeling pleased at making a human friend. 

The End

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