Minx: DayDreamerMature

I skip happily back to the linked rooms. I knock on Snaps door.

He opens up just wearing trousers like before. I skip past him and begin talking. Maybe a bit to fast.

"I just went out. I met this guy. He was called Max. We went to a music shop. Have you tried human cakes there delightful? I bourght a flute. It's beautiful. I-"

"Wait a second hold up" Snap says putting a hand over my mouth. I stop talking.

"You met up with a human?" He says looking confused.

"Yep, he's soooo nice. He showed me around and gave me his number"

I spin round then fall back into the beanbag in the room.

"Where you get this?" I ask.

"I went out a bourght it" he says sitting down on his bed. He grabs a bottle of the side of his bed and takes a long drink of the water.

"Sea water?" I question raising an eyebrow.

"It's good for me. I am a shark after all" he says shrugging.

"Hm, whatever. Is this all what you got?" I ask.

"Yeah, I didn't want to shop around on my own.... girls kept looking at me" his brow creases in thought.

I laugh at the memorie that pops up in his head.

"There interested in you, you idiot" I say shaking my head. I pull my drink out of the bag I bought.

"How come though?" he asks.

"Looked in the mirror resently" I ask. He blushes then changes the conversation quickly.

"What did you buy?" he asks.

"We had cake, lovely by the way. I got some clothes, this bag. A flute and some cleaning equiptment for it. Um..... We had a picnic so I had a sandwich, not much different. I got a necklace. And a mobile" I say.

"Cool" he notes.

"Want to go shopping? You need some proper clothes" I say jumping up.

"How did I know you were going to say that" he moans, I smile happily. "Give me five minutes"

I nod then walk out the room closing the door behind me. I pick up my stuff with I dumped at my door and take it into my room.

Oh, forgot to mention the clothes I bourght aren't different at all from the one's I wear now.

Baige shorts with strip of dark brown at the bottom. Knee high stripy brown and baige socks. Baige tops and a Baige Jumpers with hoods.

I also bourght another hat slightly like the one I use to my ear at the moment.

Basically the same but not as tight. I'll have to get some sewing equiptment and tighten it.

I hear a knock at my door and rush over to get it. Snap stands waiting a baggy jumper and loose jeans, then trainers.

"One sec" I grab my new phone and shove it in my pocket I grab the room keys and put that in there aswell.

Then I get my purse with money and put that in the other pocket. I turn and run over.

"Lets go" I say smiling.

The End

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