Minx: FluteMature

We get some sandwiches and find a quiet spot next to the lake but close to the group of trees. I sit with my knees pulled up to my chest, my sandwich next to me and my head rested on my knees, arms tight around them. Then my back against a tree.

"Beautiful" I whisper staring out at the lake.

"You amaze me you seem so at peace with nature" Max mutters. I look at him and smile.

"I love nature... Oh my flute" I turn and scramble to get out my flute fixing it up together.

I lean back on the tree again and put the flute to my lips.

I play a complicated tune but the earth, wind and water dance with it.

It's sweet and reminds me of a summers day. The sun just breaks through the clouds and I see Max look up in wonder. It shines down on the lake making it sparkle.

I hear shouts and whoops cause the sun's finally has come out.

Then I finish, the sun continue to shine for a bit but then is hidden by a cloud.

"That was beautiful" Max whispers.

"Hmm, flutes my favorite" I say beggining to play a more happy tune.

It reminds me of small little dragonfly people from Olliverna dancing upon the flowers.

Some would call them fairies but thats not the right term.

Their part human but more dragonfly.

"Is flute all you play?" he asks. I stop short and think.

"I play guitar, flute and violin" I say calmly.

"Wow.... do you sing?" he asks.

"Sure but..." I look at him. "It's embarassing"

He nods then takes a drink of coke. I chose Dr Pepper and I think they're almost basically the same.

I pick up my drink and take a swig then take a bite of my cheese sandwich. I know foxes are canivoires but I'm actually a vegetarian. Most people of Olliverna decide to be.

I mean come one, eating the animal's that could be part of you, your family, your friends.

Yuck, it would be weird.

"I should be getting back to the hotel" I mumble seeing the time on my watch that I bourght.

A delicate flower one.

"Here" He hands me a slip of paper.

"What's this?" I ask as we get up.

"My number"

"Oh..... I don't have a mobile yet" I say tilting my head and smiling nervously.

"It's okay. You can call me from the hotel then from your mobile when you get one...... do you need to know where the mobile phone shop is?"

"Uh yeah" I mumble laughing nervously.

"Come on I'll show you and help you pick a good one out" he says.

"Thanks" I say happy.

What's this I'm feeling? It feels strange. Sort of like the feeling I have for my family but way much stronger and also a bit like friendship.

Hmm, confusing.

The End

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