Minx: ParkMature

"Wow" I whisper.

We exit the music shop and I look out across the road to the park. Trees, a lake, grass, open space, paths, benchs and loads of people having fun.

I smile and run to it twirling when I get into the park.

"Amazing" I whisper.

"You'd think that you'd not seen any of this stuff before" Max says raising an eyebrow.

"Uh, well I live in a tight coutry community" I say remembering to use that as the excuse why I find everything so incredible.

"Ah, what do you want to do now?" he asks.

Hm, he's finding it strange I want to spend so much time with him when I hardly know him. Maybe I should be more distance.

"I want to have a pinic. You can join me if you want" I say looking round at the park.

Oh, now he feels sad like he's been dumped. Uh, humans so complicated.

"Um, I don't have to if you don't want me to" he mutters looking across the park and frowning.

I follow his line of sight to a group of humans. Male and Female. There watching Max slightly but one of then a thin blond is watching him very intently.

"Whose that?" I ask.

"Mia....... she's no one" He looks away and back at me.

She's not no one she's a girl who fancy's him that he's unsure of.

"If you want to go I won't keep you" I say and I know the sadness shows on my face and in my voice.

"No, a pinic sounds good" he says smiling he takes my hand and pull me down the path striding past the group who throw wolf whistles.

"Shut up" Max says but he's smiling.

I look at him in wonder then spot the girl Mia out of the corner of my eye. I frown but let Max lead me down the path to a sandwich shop.

I can't help but feel slightly bad.

The End

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