Minx: So....Mature

We go to a small cake shop. I stare in awe at the marvolous designs.

These are good for humans, even though Olliverna cakes are way more delicately designed and taste as good as they look.

"What to get one?" Max says. I leant his name a while ago.

"Deffinetly" I say smiling up at him. I grab his hand and pull him into the shop.

As soon as we're in I let go and begin scanning the glass trying to pick a cake sitting behind it.

"How much is that?" I ask. It's a small Lemon cake with blue icing and a daisy on top.

"£2" The women behind the counter says smiling.

"I'll have it" I say, I look at Max. "Make that two"

"You don't have to buy me one" he says calmly.

"I want to besides I have the money" I say. I pull out a five pound note from my purse and hand it to the lady.

She hands me my change then we make our way out of the cake shop with our buns.

I take a bite and squeal with delight slightly.

"Amazing" I whisper. "Maybe I'll get Snap one later"

"Whose Snap?" Max asks looking across at me wiping his hands down on his t-shirt.

"A friend I paired up with for the trip...... not been friends long but I trust him and he's nice" I don't mention that the fact I trust him is cause I can see into his mind.

Well, his and everyone else's. It's fun.

"Where next?" I ask pouncing at an opening.

"Um, Music shop" he says.

"Oh, could I buy an instrument or is it a cd place?" I ask.

"Its an instrument shop" he says smiling at my enthusiasm.

"Actually I'll get a flute, I'm better with that" I say. He laughs and I look up at Max and smile.

The End

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