Minx: WowMature

"Going out" I shout knocking on the door to Snap's room. We can't share the same room but lookily we found one where the bedrooms have been seperated but link by a thin hallway.... and share a bathroom.

"Okay" he shouts back.

I shrug then make my way out and down the hall.

I walk out into the rain and tip my head back letting it fall on my skin.

I sigh then begin down the road. It's quite. A few other students are out.

Most are messing around with the humans. I shake my head, such childish games.

Then Thwack.

"Ahh, sorry" I shout. The person catches my wrist my wrist and pull me to my feet.

I gasp. He's beautiful. My breath catches in my throat.

Wait, I shouldn't find a human cute..... deffinetly not beautiful. Its just strange outside your own species, partly.

"Are you okay?" he asks worry touching his face.

I nod urgently. "Yeah, I'm fine just.... wasn't looking where I was going" I mumble. Why do I feel nervous? Why are my palms sweaty and my heart racing?

"Me neither" he say smiling and putting a hand up behind his head. "Are you lost?"

"No, perfectly fine. I'm here on a trip with my class" I say deffiently. I know whats coming next.

"Um, shouldn't some one be with you" he says looking down at me.

"I'm 16 I can walk around on my own" I say deffiently.

Of course it takes him by shock.

"I'm sorry.... its just that you look so...."

"Young?" I finish.

He nods and looks aways embarassed.

"You could keep me company" I say rocking back on my heels.

"Uh, sure" he says smiling again. Such a beautiful smile.

The End

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