Nina: I love rain!Mature

I was so happy that it was raining when we got to England, there was never enough water back home for my liking.  As soon as I'd been allocated my room I went next door to Harper. 

It probably would have been more sensible for us to share a room but because he was a guy we had to have seperate rooms.  It was stupid, Harper was almost like a brother to me, I'd known him since I was tiny.

'Come on let's go out!'  I grabbed his hand and pulled him down the corridor.  I asked permission to go out, which was granted and I flew out onto the busy streets.

I looked up at the sky and let the rain fall on my face.  It was so refreshing.

'So where are we going?'  Harper was huddling under an umberella behind me.

'I'm hungry, let's find somewhere to eat.'  I set off along the pavement, having to stop every few seconds for Harper to catch up.  'You're so slow, hurry up!'  There was a cafe along the street from the hotel so I dived in and got us a table.

There was a guy sitting at the table next to us who kept staring.  Had by scarf fallen down?  No.  Had Harper forgotten his hat?  No.  So why was he staring?

We got something to drink and I asked for a BLT, Harper didn't want anything because he couldn't find anything vegetarian friendly on the menu and most of us don't eat meat due to being part animal.  That guy was still staring.

'What do you think's up with him?'  I whispered to Harper.

'He's looking at you.'  A grin creeped over his face.

'Why?  Have I got something on my face?'

'No.  You just look good.'  OK weirdness.

The End

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