Once we'd been shown to our rooms, I slipped off to explore. I didn't want to be tied down, and if I could get out now then I suppose I should take hold of every chance I get.  I slipped through the wall while Mal was arguing with Sandi about their sleeping arrangements. I knew they would realise soon, but by then I would be long gone. I slipped through every obstacle I reached, and that way I managed to get outside without being caught.

 As soon as I was free, I headed for the nearest shop. It turned out to be one of those human malls, and I soon got in to the confusion. I was enjoying the experience when I stopped at a smoothie counter for a drink. I'd only been sat down for a few minutes when I noticed the group of boys to my right checking me out. I rolled my eyes and turned away, but in England it appeared that this was some sort of invitation, as one of the boys was heading over this way.

"Hey, I've not seen you around before here have I?"


"You on your own?"

"Obviously" I said in a patronising voice, hoping he would go away.

"Well why don't you come sit with us?"

"Yeah why not?" The other boys had come over without me noticing and surrounded me and the tallest one was now speaking, "But then we might as well stay here now."

I tried to get up, and as I did one of the boys behind me yelled

"Hey check her back out dude!" Damn they'd noticed my tatoo.

"Nice," said one of the boys. Maybe sneaking out hadn't been the best plan. An idea struck me. Looking over their shoulders  I waved, and as they turned to look I sank through the floor and appeared at the other side of the juice bar. Giving myself time to wave at them when they turned back with confused faces, I ran off down the hall. They gave chase.

Ah, here was the competition I had longed for!

The End

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