Aradessa: roomsMature

Because we're partners we're supposed to share the same room...but because he's a guy it's not gonna happen. Me and Louis are assigned rooms near eachother because we're responsible for one another. I get room 222, my fave number. All even.

Louis gets room 225 on the other side of the corridor. I wondered if I was going to have a room-mate. Who knows? I dumped my stuff, re-did my hair, ruffled my skirt and walked out of the room.

The weather in England was terrible. I smiled up at the clouds, a grateful break from all that sun. "Can I go out miss?"

"Take an umbrella, and you can, just dont go on your own."

"Don't you trust me miss?"

"No" Miss walked away, clipboard in hand and I burst out laughing.

"I'll go with you"

The End

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