Meg: HotelMature

"God, look at that group of teens!" a girl exclaims to her friend and points as they pass by us. I tense, have they seen through our disguises? Do they know what we really are? Everyone relaxes as they walk away. Obviously they don't have manners in the hu- in England. It's raining. Apparently that's a bad thing. I'm kinda happy, it never rains in Olliverna. 

"Everyone go over to that shelter and wait to be given a teacher!" Miss yells. We all go over to the shelter. As we walk there, the rain starts to flatten my hair. Maybe it isn't such a good thing. Please don't show my ears,please don't show my ears I think. Is it always so crowded in th- England? Every teacher is given a few groups to be responsible for. Me, Tila and Shirley get Mr Zizton. He's our part-tiger PE teacher. Not that I need PE lessons, but still.

"We shall go to that hotel over there. Every group will be given a room. You may leave your stuff there and explore. If you wish to go into a shop you must ask me first. Don't take all your money out at once" He told us. We all filed into the hotel with the other groups. Shirley, Tila and I are given room 223. I choose the bed nearest the window and lie down on it. Ugh. It's not very comfortable. I thought my bed at home was uncomfortable but this is like lying on a plank of wood! Sigh. There has to be some good things.

"Come on Meg. Let's go into town and see what's there. I think you'll really enjoy it. They have sports shops there!" Tila told me happily. 

"Oh yeah, and what's that place that you can eat at, Miss I-Know-A-Lot-About-England? Mcdonalds? I can't eat there, I'm a vegetarian. Also, what town are we actually in?"

"I have no idea. Let's go and ask Sir" Shirley suggested. I agreed and we all went back downstairs.

The End

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