Shirley : Entering EnglandMature

"Its England! Wooo! England! Wow!" I scream and jump about, flying a bit off the boat, but not high enough to get told off. Tucking my wings into my backpack, I wonder when the next time I'll get to use them would be. The sky is filled with clouds full of rain. I sigh, first time in England and this terrible weather. Typical.

The boat stops at the dock, and all the people on the boat begin to chatter excitedly, collecting their bags and checking over their appearances one last time. The dock is small and a bit worn down, but nevertheless, it is a dock in England! 

"Get into your groups! You will not leave this boat unless you are in your groups!" Our class teacher yells at us through a speaker. I grab Meg and Tala so we can be one of the first people off the boat. A science teacher steps out of the boat first, then starts ticking off our names on the register and checking all our animal features are hidden. The people in front of us step out of the boat. Yes! Meg, Tala and I link arms, then step onto firm ground at the same time, giggling. 

The End

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