Meg: EnglandMature

Tala runs off to get dry properly. I guess me, her and Shirley are a 3. Shirley looks behind me. I ignore it, I don't really care what she's looking at. I lean on the edge of the boat. I love boats. I see the human land coming up. I begin to daydream of what it'll be like...

Something cold seeps through my hair and starts to soak into my shirt. 

"Aradessa!" I exclaim. Well, she did say when I least expect it. She laughs. " Right, that is it! There shouldn't be one moment where you're not scared that I'll get you back from now on!"

"Ooooh. I'm terrified" she puts on a scared face. I grin. The guy next to her grins. I think he's that hedgehog guy... or is he part porcupine? "Oh yeah, Meg, Shirley, this is Louis. Louis, this is Shirley the bird and Meg the monkey. Meg's a top pranker so stay on her good side if you don't want some of her worse pranks played on you"

"Nice to meet you Louis" I say cheerily. "Dessa's right, don't get on my bad side. Look what happened to the last poor soul who did" I grin.

"Who was it?"

"Aradessa!" I laugh. We have dissing competitions sometimes: she wins. But I win the prank contests so that's OK.

"Hey! You know, I think my arm's still numb from that handshake-shock you gave me! Besides, I'm still thinking of the ultimate comeback for that" she grins

"Yeah? Well think on" I say.

"Everyone get into our groups! We're arriving in about 1 minute!" Miss yells over the noise. Louis and Dessa wander off and Tala runs up to us.

"It's not 'the human land' to them. It's England" she tells me. I nod.

The End

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