Aradessa: JacketMature

Louis was getting a bit excited about hitting land "Calm down hedgehog boy" I laughed.

Louis looked at me in confusion then returned to being excited, oh no...I've seen that look on enough nature films to know....I held up a clip board to sheild myself quickly. When I removed it quils were coming out of Louis's coat and the surrounding area,

" miss..."

I rolled my eyes "I did tell you to calm down"

"Louis what are we going to do this close to land? We're going to have to find you a new jacket"

A new jacket? I opened my bag and took out the blue hoodie I had bought recently and handed it to Louis "Here, wear this Louis"

"Are you sure?"

"Absolutely" I smiled "It's a bit big anyway it ws made for a 16year old boy and I'm only 14 so it's huge on me"

I knew louis was 14 almost 15 buy hey, better than a coat from the 'lost' and found.

The End

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