Shane: This may be a good idea after allMature

So it looks like I'm paired with a cat and a mouse. Great. Actually, I'm really greatful they stepped forward, but it's not in my nature to show gratitude. Or any kind of emotion really. Sandi seems nice, willing to try and be friends, but Mal isn't happy at the arrangement, and neither am I in that sense. Snakes and mice just don't mix. And with my reputation for wanting to kill half the class because of what animal they are half of... we may have a problem. Sandi doesn't seem to mind, she thinks it's funny. i can see her now, laughing at Mal as she tries to keep away from me. It would be funny to join in the torment if I wasn't so worried about going too far.

"Come on Mal, cheer up, she won't bite...much!"

"Don't be too sure." I mutter, trying to join in the game, and at the same time being deadly serious. Mal's eyes widen, and Sandi laughs so hard I feel she might fall off the bench. Feeling safer, I slide a little closer, and immediately Mal slides away. I allow myself a small smile. This could actually be quite fun. And then i smell an earthy smell. Land! It must be getting closer...almost time to face the world.

The End

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