Shirley : Seaing absolutely nothingMature

Tala climbs onto the boat, absolutely soaking wet. I rush over to her.

"Tala! What were you thinking?" Grabbing a big towel from under the chair, I wrap her in it. She looks at me smugly and grins.

"Well I was going to be late, wasn't I?" I raise one of my eyebrows and sigh, shaking my head.

Then I take out my binoculars from the small front pockets of my bag, my wings spread out behind me. I fix the binoculars towards the direction we were heading.

"Can you see anything?" Meg asks, I shake my head. We are still too far away from the mainland. Nina is with Tala, drying her off by taking all the water away and dumping it in the see.

"However, I can see some water. Oh, and some more water.... and.. and loads more water! Maybe I'll fly out and take a closer look."

"Not allowed." I groan in response.

The End

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