Sandi: Cats shouldn't be allowed on ships, fact.Mature

"Three... Two... One..."

"I don't want to, we wont make it, it's too far now." Mal exclaims with teary eyes.

I flash my catty grin at her, fling her over my rucksack, taking a running jump I leap from the peer. Mal screams in my ears, I laugh, my hands tightly grasp the boat railings. Mal crawls up me shrinking down into a smaller version of herself, and scampers under the railings. I pull myself up, lifting a leg up and over.

"Never, ever do that again!" Mal warns turning back into her true height. I laugh at face. I sware we're more like sisters than friends; we both love and hate each other.

"Oooh, scary. C'mon, let's go and make our fantabulas entrance. I grin mishevishly, skipping ahead.

"Hey! Sandi! Wait up, not all of us are part cat, y'know." I laugh, I hear her tut behind me.

The boat lurches, bile rises up my throat. I sink down to my feet letting the sea air encase me.

"Urg, I wonder if there's a ox on board."

"Why?" I mutter, I head drooping between my knees.

"So I can ride him across the river, duh."

I look up, "Isn't that a rat? You're a mouse."

She blinks... "Oh well. Same family, you've met my brother." I laugh at that. The boat lurches again, I feel more vomit rise.

I run over to the railings and throw up over the side.

"Lovely." I raise two fingers to her, I hear her muttered laugh.

"Cats shouldn't be allowed on ships, fact." I mutter, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. Muffled laughs make me turn around.

"C'mon," Mal pulls me along into the boat house, I keep my eyes shut trying to go to my happy place. I open my eyes again and we're in another room full of students.

"Ahh, Sandoria, Malorie, glad you could finally join us." The teacher says. I growl, I see the sea behind him level out, it makes me feel calm straight away. "How would you like to get in a three with Shane?"

We look to Shane, who looks... Shy... I smile, it quickly disapeers as the boat lurches. I shake it away. "Sure we can," I hear Mal swerm behind me.

The smile returns.

The End

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